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Over time, asphalt, becomes oxidized and fades in appearance.

Seal coating provides a fresh vibrant finish that prolongs the life of asphalt. Premier Patching, Inc. uses an industrial sealer fortified with latex,

mineral binder, UV blocker and sand additives that increase

surface protection.  Additives in the sealer increase

the surface wear up to (3) three years longer.  

Sealcoating is very cost efficient, providing a more positive image

for your company, allowing protection from water penetration,

and resistance from gas and oil spills.


One of the first things noticed in a parking lot is the striping.

Newly striped lots indicate that it is properly maintained.

Parking lot striping is an essential part of the public’s safety.

Premier Patching, Inc. can provide Striping, Traffic Markings,

Curb Painting, Stenciling, Wheel Stops,

and numerous other signage; we are ADA Compliant.

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Deshler Trailer Park Sealing 2019 - 2.JP
Deshler Trailer Park Sealing 2019.JPG
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