Spray Patching
Spray patching is a more economical method compared to conventional asphalt repair.
Milling is used to increase compaction when needed. It also improves the appearance and extends the lifespan of the repair.
Crack Repair
Rubber is applied to fill and seal the voids.
Concrete Repair
We specialize in catch basin repair and restoration. All of our concrete work is executed acording to ACI specifications.
“Our goal is to provide for our customers a solution to maintaining asphalt in a safe, efficient and economical way”
- President, Greg Westhoven
Schools & Universities
We specialize in repair and maintenance of asphalt infrastructure.
Commercial Properties
Parking lot maintenance program to improve appearance and extend the Lifespan. Program can be tailored to your budget.
Parks & Zoos
Cost effective repairs to asphalt infrastructure.
Golf Courses
Cart path restoration with minimal disruption.